Rental Agents have seen it all: the extremely high cost of Rental Property web sites, the inflexibility of utilizing the data within your own website, the ease of sharing listings on social media sites, and the complaints that have come for years from customers trying to access your listing photos, descriptions, and property documents.There has to be another way!

The Rental Property Industry can no longer wait for things to change!
This is why we have introduced the Rental Property Spotlight.

  • Property owners with a subscription of just $35 per month can post as many properties they want. 
  • Each property can have up to 20 images and 10 PDF documents to accompany the description and address you post for the listing.
  • New rental listings will be featured on our home page.
  • Those looking to rent will have untethered access to your listing data (without the need for any kind of account or membership).
  • Full - social capabilities are built into every rentl property you post.
  • Simple search tools will allow prospective buyers and their agents to quickly locate your listing.
  • Once A Listing Is Posted – You can utilize the many advanced tools to share and place your listing data in any website by posting a simple script into the code of your website.
  • You can build your profile easily, adding your image, logo, biography and contact information. Prospects will see this within every listing you post and can contact you directly by phone or email.
  • Leasers can keep track of statistics concerning each listing. Use our resources to your advantage! Get in the Spotlight and make the internet work more for you!