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RentalPropertySpotlight.com changes the online rental real estate game completely! We provide the tools you need to succeed at a reasonable price. Bottom line, we make it easier to get your rental properties online, share them on other websites and expose them to the world. Access for those looking for rental property is without membership. All can access freely. 

RentalPropertySpotlight.com was established by a real estate agent for EVERYONE!  Wheather you are trying to rent a space out or looking for a space to rent, this is were you want to look first. RentalPropertySpotlight.com is designed to harness and reign in the high cost of marketing rental property. It puts the control back in your hands. It is also here to repair the highly fragmented rental market by giving Landlords the ability to advertise their properties for a low price and Tenants no longer have to search multiple sites and media to find a place to rent.

Our goal is to be locally focused and natioally known. We will be so locally focased that Landlords will know to market their rentals here and Tenants will know they can find rentals here without a membership or cost to them.

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We provide the tools rental real estate professionals need to make the most of your time and effort.

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   Benefits of Membership

  • Rental Agents Can Post As Many Properties as they want for an owner.
  • Once A Listing Is Posted – Utilize the many advanced tools to share and place your listing data in any website.
  • Rental Property Prospects have untethered access to your listing data (without the need for any kind of account or membership).
  • Agents can keep track of statistics concerning each listing. Use our resources to your advantage.
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